Miracle at the Mall

By Marc Cooper –  Recently at our mall ministry table in San Jose’s Valley Fair, a young teenage boy came up to me. I went over the Gospel with him. He said, “Do you remember me from the last time you were here? You shared the Gospel with me then, too. I had been caught stealing in one of the stores. When you shared the Gospel with me, I realized that I was just a person who was pretending to be a Christian. I wasn’t a true follower of Christ. After that day with you last month, I went home, repented of all my sins and continue to repent to God all the time for sins I do. Something happened in me then, and now I am not the same. I go to church all the time, I read my Bible, and I pray to God daily, but it’s because I want to NOT because I feel I have to.” I asked the young man what church he is attending; it is a Godly, Bible preaching, Bible teaching church in our locale. Amen. Thank you for your prayers!... read more

A Very Solemn Mall Experience

By:  Judy Liegmann – A tall, middle-aged man came by our Eastridge Mall tract table last Saturday. He scanned the materials on the table, then handed me back the tract I had just given him.  He said in markedly accented English, “I’m Jewish. I’m from Israel.  I don’t believe this. I don’t believe in God.” His manner was flippant and a bit scornful.  He began to walk away.  I felt a strong urging from the Lord to engage him in conversation. I said, “Do you know why I am really grateful to your people?”  The man stopped and looked around.  I walked up to him and looked intently into his eyes.  I said, “This is why.   Your people have taken it on the chin for thousands of years because God gave them the assignment to guard the Holy Scriptures and keep them untainted until I could read them and find out that my Creator knew and loved me. If it weren’t for the Jews, I would have no clue that the Lord of Heaven and earth opened His arms wider to include me in His love — someone not even born a Jew!” The man became increasingly pensive. I was encouraged. I continued, “So please allow me to say to you, Sir, as a representative of your people, ‘Thank you!’ The man seemed a bit moved, and his face softened noticeably. He said, “I appreciate that.” I said, “Do you realize what the Hebrew people mean to God?  Look what He’s done for you!  He saved your people miraculously from the likes of Pharaoh and Haman and Antiochus and Hitler.  And somewhere there is a new Abomination awaiting his opportunity to destroy Israel.  But the Prophet Ezekiel and others assure us that the Lord of Israel will not allow His people to be wiped out.   And you can bet He’ll keep His promise!” The man looked quite astounded.  He said, “Most Christians do not know these things.”  I said sadly, “I know they don’t.  And God will call us to account for being so ignorant of His Word.”  I could tell the Lord had piqued the man’s interest. He seemed fascinated by what he was hearing about the God he’d said he didn’t believe in. I said, “The Book of Romans tells me that the only true Olive Tree is Israel. God allowed me in His mercy to be grafted into this tree, so that can I... read more

“Evolution vs. God” DVD

The NorCal Seedsowers team handed out nearly 1,600 “Evolution vs. God” DVD’s to students at San Jose State and 600 DVD’s at UC Berkeley. Below is a 2 minute video recap of their lunchtime activities (please consider doing the same thing at your local university). “[Evolution vs God] is one of the most power packed blows to the evolutionary model produced in this decade.” ~ Michael Bresciani, Christian author and... read more

Gospel tracts ARE effective!

By Karen Fraley – I have often wondered if handing out gospel tracts is effective.  I‘ve passed out tracts at laundromats, libraries, shopping malls, and hotels, but I never know how effective they have been. Recently, however, I got to see the result of one tract that I’d given away. I often go to a local McDonald’s drive-thru to pick up coffee in the morning.  One morning, I drove up to the second window at the McDonald’s drive-thru.  As the lady handed me a coffee she told me that she liked my dress.  I immediately replied, “Thank you.“  Looking for an excuse to give her a tract, I replied, “This is a gift for you!”.  I took one of the “A Gift for You” tracts from Living Waters out of my purse and handed it to her.  I had put a brand new one dollar bill inside.  She accepted the gift with a puzzled look on her face. Six months later as I’m getting my morning coffee I see the same woman at the McDonald’s drive-thru.  She said, “You’re the person who gave me a gospel tract a few months ago, right?”  I nodded my head yes, not knowing what to expect.  She continued, “Well, since that time, I have found God and am now attending church!”  I was astonished to hear her comments!  After I pulled away from the McDonald’s, I just started crying.  I couldn’t believe God would ever use me to help bring someone to a saving knowledge of Himself.  I immediately called my husband, Kevin, and he was delighted, as well.  The name of the woman at McDonald’s is Yolanda.  She has a student Bible and is receiving discipleship at her church.  If you have a moment, please pray for Yolanda. Romans 1:16 says “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”... read more

Did you get one of these?

By Monica Lines – Hoards of teenagers scurry past me; most of them are looking down. They’re able walk using their peripheral vision as they scan their phones. A mom with three kids in a stroller slowly trek by, all her children look up at me with curiosity. Then here comes my moment. I reach out my hand just an inch or two past comfort to connect with a posse of kids walking by, asking one simple question: “Did you get one of these?” That’s all it takes to launch into a conversion that bridges an earthly moment with an eternal opportunity… On my last mall visit I was exceptionally in awe of the way the Holy Spirit moved in me and gave me courage to speak. We had the genius test board set up on the side and when it came my turn to slide over and walk people through it, I was shocked at all of the groups of teens that suddenly appeared in a matter of minutes. It seemed that as soon as I asked the Lord to speak through me and give me boldness, pow! There they came, one group after the next, willing to listen and take the good person test. I was amazed that I would have the chance to share THE greatest joy in my life: to explain the awesome sacrifice and love of my Savior for the world. I walked to my car full of joy and praise at the work He had done in my heart and prayed for the many people I had encountered. What an unlikely setting for the LORD of glory to move in a person’s heart and reveal His steadfast love and ultimate gift of salvation! I rejoice at God’s goodness to use earthen vessels to carry such beautiful... read more

“There is none righteous”

By Simon Woodstock – The other day I had the pleasure of speaking to a Jehovah’s Witness named Ramona who came knocking at my door. Usually when I speak with people from the cults I bring up matters regarding errors in their religious texts and/or any false prophecies ever made by their leaders in attempt to show them contradictions in their belief system. While I still think that these types of conversations are very important, I had previously purposed in my heart try a simple Way of the Master approach with the next cultist that the Lord might bring my way. As Ramona finished her introductory presentation of Watchtower doctrine to me, I took the first good opportunity to simply ask her if she thought she was good enough to go to heaven. She then reminded me that, according to her beliefs, there have already been 144,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses appointed to heaven and she was merely hoping to make it through the final judgement of God to then be placed in a future restored paradise on earth. So, I then politely rephrased the question and asked her if she thought she was good enough to get a passing grade into this paradise at the final judgement of God. I noticed right away that she circumvented the question and began to talk about something that was rather off the point. It was at this time that I felt that my question was getting to her conscience so I waited for her to finish and then just asked her the “Are you good enough?”question again. She then went a different direction of avoidance so I prayed a little silent prayer for patience and when she was finished I calmly asked her the same question a third time. Sensing that I was not going to give up asking it to her, she actually showed a moment of honesty and said that she merely hoped to be good enough to make it through the judgement of God into paradise. At this time I basically pointed out that the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in works related righteousness which is a grave error since all of humankind has broken God’s Law and cannot escape God’s righteous judgement by any amount of good works. We talked along these lines another minute or so when out of nowhere she blurted out these words “Well, I am righteous!”. Although her statement made the conversation quite awkward, I took it as an open door to lovingly share with her that “There is none righteous” besides God and salvation was only by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. She was pretty well trying to get away from me... read more

Ministry Spotlight: NorCal Seedsowers

Ministry Spotlight: NorCal Seedsowers By:  Tony Miano I am blessed to know of and to, at times, work with many solid evangelism teams across the country. But there are a few that stand out to me as the best-of-the-best. NorCal Seedsowers is one of those teams. The NorCal Seedsowers are, in my estimation an evangelistic “dream team.” If they were a baseball team, they would be the Los Angeles Dodgers playing the all-star Little League team in your community. The NorCal Seedsowers have so many good players on their team. Most of those who are part of the NorCal Seedsowers have attended the Ambassadors’ Academy. Team members include, among others: Dan Beaudoin, John And Nancy Murphy, Stuart Baeriswyl, Jared Duba, Dena Galang, James Bynum, and Don Harman. The NorCal Seedsowers is a team that fires on all cylinders: mall evangelism, open-air preaching, sketch board evangelism, Project Ezra, parades and special event evangelism, evangelism training, blogging, and filming. The NorCal Seedsowers team is making Christ known and proclaiming Christ crucified to the lost of the greater San Jose, CA,... read more

What a mighty God we serve

By Nancy Murphy – We began our monthly outreach table at Oakridge Mall this afternoon. For days we’d been praying that God would bring those that He was drawing to His Son so that we could share the gospel with them. We put out an assortment of interesting tracts, books, CDs and Bibles on the table and set up the “Are You a Genius” poster, which always catches people’s attention. Pretty soon I noticed a group of 4 teenagers looking at the poster, so I made my way over from the other side of the table. In a fun and light hearted way I was able to begin a conversation with them and build a relationship. After we went through the genius test questions I asked them if they thought they could pass the ‘Good Person Test’ to see if they were good enough to go to heaven. They were interested and listened carefully. After I presented the law and the gospel to them they all agreed it made sense and asked me some good questions. One of them took a Bible and one asked for a book mark with the 10 Commandments on it. I told them that our conversation was not by chance because we had prayed and asked God to send the specific people He wanted. That was when one of them, Milen, age 17, told me that he wasn’t sure what to believe because his family was Jehovah’s Witness. He had recently prayed and asked God to help him find the right religion. Wow, what a confirmation of our prayers! I was able to give him some material to read and a list of good churches. I encouraged him to study the bible for himself and to ask God to show him the truth. When I told him I would be praying for him he thanked me. I am confident that if God is drawing him, He will complete the job. What an awesome and mighty God we... read more

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