2014 NORCAL FIRE Biblical Evangelism Conference

Getting the local church of fire to share their faith. Why:    To encourage believers in Christ to share the gospel in the Biblical manner, both in their personal spheres of influence and in the public square. Speakers are chosen based on their background and experience in encouraging and equipping believers. Sermon topics are also chosen with the aim of strengthening and deepening the faith of the... read more

Update from India!

Hello Seed Sower Family! I know it’s been a long time in coming, but we have an exciting summary of our India trip.  First of all, thank you so much for the prayer support you gave to us while we were there, and also thank you to those who contributed financially to the various ministries we visited.  This trip was an amazing taste of all that God is doing throughout India, both North and South!  We were... read more

Miracle at the Mall

PRAISE REPORT: Yesterday, when at our mall ministry table in San Jose’s Valley Fair, a young teenage boy came up to me. I went over the Gospel with him. He said, “Do you remember me from the last time you were here? You shared the Gospel with me then, too. I had been caught stealing in one of the stores. When you shared the Gospel with me, I realized that I was just a person who was pretending... read more

A Very Solemn Mall Experience

By:  Judy Liegmann - A tall, middle-aged man came by our Eastridge Mall tract table last Saturday. He scanned the materials on the table, then handed me back the tract I had just given him.  He said in markedly accented English, “I’m Jewish. I’m from Israel.  I don’t believe this. I don’t believe in God.” His manner was flippant and a bit scornful.  He began to walk... read more

Moreno’s WOTM in India! UPDATE

Hello, Seedsowers!  I wanted to mention one more development in India which is momentous for the gospel there. One of the missionaries we will be visiting in India is Graham Houghton.  He founded SAIACS, (South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies –  It is the premier training institute for Christian leaders and is in Bangalor, India.  He started that several decades ago and has... read more

“Evolution vs. God” DVD

The NorCal Seedsowers team handed out nearly 1,600 “Evolution vs. God” DVD’s to students at San Jose State and 600 DVD’s at UC Berkeley. Below is a 2 minute video recap of their lunchtime activities (please consider doing the same thing at your local university). “[Evolution vs God] is one of the most power packed blows to the evolutionary model produced in this decade.” ~ Michael Bresciani,... read more

Gospel tracts ARE effective! By Karen Fraley

I have often wondered if handing out gospel tracts is effective.  I‘ve passed out tracts at laundromats, libraries, shopping malls, and hotels, but I never know how effective they have been. Recently, however, I got to see the result of one tract that I’d given away. I often go to a local McDonald’s drive-thru to pick up coffee in the morning.  One morning, I drove up to the second... read more

Did you get one of these?

             Hoards of teenagers scurry past me; most of them are looking down. They’re able walk using their peripheral vision as they scan their phones. A mom with three kids in a stroller slowly trek by, all her children look up at me with curiosity. Then here comes my moment. I reach out my hand just an inch or two past comfort to connect with a posse of kids walking by, asking one simple... read more

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