By Nancy Murphy – In April my 81 year old father, Robert Bowbeer, was rushed to the hospital.  Twice he was near death but miraculously pulled through each time.  John and I had been leading a Way of the Master evangelism training class in Los Banos.  On Friday, June 8, we visited my Dad at the hospital in Walnut Creek and then drove 2 hours to our class in Los Banos. We got stuck in rush hour traffic and were 30 minutes late to the class. When we finally got there I explained why we were late and shared about my Dad’s situation and my concern for his soul. Afterwards one of the men came up to me and offered to go visit Dad and share Christ with him.  We had recently learned about sharing the gospel with family members and it was recommended to have a friend talk to your relatives for you, because they will listen to a stranger more than they will listen to family. Well, this man, John Baldini, went to see my Dad that Monday. He went in and introduced himself as a friend of ours and asked if he could talk about the Lord. John told me that my Dad listened very carefully to every word he said. John explained to him that none of us are good enough to get to heaven on our own because God is holy and demands perfection and we have all gone our own way and sinned against Him a multitude of times. The penalty for sin is eternal death in hell. But God is also rich in mercy and love and not willing that any should perish.   That is why He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live the perfect, sinless life that we haven’t lived and then to die on the cross to take the punishment we deserve. We have all broken God’s Law and Jesus paid the fine for us when He died. 3 days later He rose from the dead and now, if we will repent and trust in Him we can be forgiven of all our sins and have eternal life. Then John asked if my Dad would like to put his faith in Jesus as his Lord and Savior and he said yes!  They prayed together and my father was born again. I went to visit him 2 days later and I could tell by a few things he said that... read more

Interested In Mall Evangelism?

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Witnessing at the Lucky Strike Club by Nancy Murphy

Friday night was the final week of the Way of the Master Evangelism Basic Training Class in Los Banos.  Several of us met at 5:30 PM to do some “street fishing” before class.  The week before we had gone out witnessing before class also, and met a young woman named Gina who was standing out in front of the Lucky Strike Club having a cigarette.  She was very soft hearted and we had a wonderful conversation about Jesus, invited her to church and prayed with her before we left.  So this week we decided to see if she was at the bar again.  No one was outside, so 4 of us ladies went in and asked if Gina was there.  There were about 12 people sitting at the bar and they all looked our way as soon as we entered. It was like a scene out of the TV show “Cheers.”  They told us that Gina wasn’t there and recognized us as the Christians she’d talked to the week before. I was standing next to a woman seated at the bar and asked her if she went to church.  She said she went sometimes but not as often as she should. Then I asked her if she thought she would be going to heaven, because that was the important thing.  She said she wasn’t sure, so I began to explain the gospel, using the commandments first to bring the knowledge of sin.  Using examples that we’d learned from the Way of the Master class, I was able to show her why Jesus came to die on the cross, to take the punishment for sin so now God could pardon anyone who will repent and trust in Christ.  The man sitting next to her had been listening to our conversation.  He preceded to tell me that he’d gone to church as a kid but strayed as an adult.  He confessed that he had been in jail once but had always believed in God and wanted to be close to Him but never felt like he was.  I talked about the need to be born again spiritually and encouraged Mario to read his Bible and seek God with all his heart and he will find Him.  I had a CD of ‘Hells Best Kept Secret’ and ‘True and False Conversion’ in my purse so I gave it to him before we left and told him to put it in his car and... read more

The Gospel Burst My Sanitized Christian Bubble | Dena’s Testimony

Dena shares how she grew up hearing the gospel every day of her life, but didn’t have a full understanding of it until she learned how to share it with others. This is a powerful testimony to the importance of having a biblical view of the Gospel and Evangelism.

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Judy Liegmann’s recent experience at the mall

Our Saturday evening mall tract table was abuzz with activity and animated conversations.  I noticed a young man with long, wavy hair standing by a large potted tree in the middle of the mall passageway, observing our interaction with a sort of shy curiosity.  After a few minutes, I approached him and began a conversation.  His English was heavily accented and halting.  I learned that he had come from his native Bosnia only ten days earlier to begin work as an engineer at one of Silicon Valley’s many large electronics firms.  Aldo was his name.  He  asked what we were doing at our table, and I explained that we were talking to people about God.  He informed me that he did not believe in any god.  I asked him where he found hope for his own life.  He immediately explained that “globalism” was the hope of the world for the future.  When I noted that it would be the same flawed humans that would manage the “global” system, he agreed that it wouldn’t afford much of an improvement. I explained to Aldo that God would some day bring a Kingdom of universal and everlasting peace, and that He would judge who would be allowed to live there.  I asked Aldo if he would like to find out God’s criteria for judging?  He said. “Yes, I would.”  Aldo’s wife, Mina, arrived, just in time to participate in the “good person test.”  The transformation of these two young people during the ensuing conversation was astounding.  The Spirit of the Lord came into their hungry hearts with great conviction, as they learned that the punishment for their sin had been paid by the same just and holy God to whom they owed that debt.  They both agreed that the Gospel of Jesus Christ made complete sense.  They allowed me to pray for them as newly born-again believers and they gladly accepted a Gospel of John and various other resources to read and study. The fields are truly white and ripe for harvest, and the Lord knows how to bring each of his sheaves in!  Glory be to His Name!  ... read more

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