Eastridge Mall Testimony

George Livingstone has been witnessing in the Bay Area for over seven years. He was one of the fourteen volunteers who handed out tracts and spoke to people last weekend at the Eastridge Mall table. For the first hour of his shift things were pretty quiet. But by hour two, as he took people through the Einstein “Genius Test” and then moved on to the “Good Person Test”, he saw the Holy Spirit bringing conviction to person after person. George reports that seven people were humbled and ready to repent and trust Christ right on the spot! Never in his seven years of evangelism has he seen God move in such a powerful way. Marc Cooper was working with him and also led several people to the LORD the same afternoon. Something very special is happening at the mall. Sign up for a shift... read more

Patrick’s Testimony

Before going through the basic training course for the Way of the Master, I had never really made a concerted effort to tell my friends, family, and strangers about the magnificent gift I’d been given. I had not contemplated the finality of people spending an eternity apart from God. Also, I never felt I had the tools to tell others about what Jesus Christ did on the cross. While “The Way of the Master” is not the only way to communicate the substitutionary death of Jesus on the cross, it is a great tool in Biblical evangelism. After reading the training book, watching the videos, and interacting with others in the class, I feel much more prepared to share my faith. I realize now that I know the “cure” for an unbeliever’s “disease.” God has shown me immeasurable grace and love; who am I to hoard it and not share the truth of salvation with others? God has given me a huge desire to share how He has worked in my life and what He has done for others. I still get nervous when I pass out tracts at the mall but the Holy Spirit guides my words in a way that brings glory to God. The American church today preaches a social gospel and building relationships with unbelievers, failing to tell them about the peril they are in. Even though helping the poor and building relationships with your neighbors are good things, they do not testify that Jesus lived a perfect life, died a perfect death, rose from the dead three days later, and sits at the right hand of the Father. People need to hear the Good News so that they may believe! I hope you come away from the training as excited as I am about telling others about Jesus’ work on the... read more

After Transformed

March 13th Calvary Chapel San Jose hosted TRANSFORMED with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Over 2300 people from all over California and beyond attended. One Couple flew in from New York just for TRANSFORMED. With humor and passion we heard of the need for Christians to be bold witnesses in the world. We also learned of the difference between the modern “God has a wonderful plan for your life” message and the biblical gospel message of sin, repentance and faith in Christ. It is evangelism that will draw us closer to God, add zeal to our Bible reading and cause us to pray fervently! NorCal Seedsowers had a table set up at the conference and many people signed up for information on Way of the Master training... read more

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