Basic Training Videos

The interviews below are good examples of how witnessing conversations really progress. You can pick up some very valuable tips by watching closely and then using these techniques in your real-world Gospel sharing opportunities. Notice how preceding the Good News of the Gospel with a discussion of God’s moral law shines the light of understanding into a sinners heart. Watch how God’s moral Law seals the mouth of the sinner and exposes his sin for what it really is. And, be on the look out for conviction in the eyes of the sinner as they are confronted with the reality of their need for the Savior. Finally, note that nearly everyone interviewed ends the conversation with a friendly “thank you”. What you see in these videos is what you will experience yourself when you begin to boldly share your faith.
Sit on the seat of a plane and watch over Ray’s shoulder as he speaks with a young lady about her eternal salvation, 25,000 above the ground.
Watch this on-the-street witness encounter and watch the use of God’s Law (Ten Commandments) get put into practice.
Watch as Kirk witnesses to this man in Santa Monica. You will be delighted to see this man’s reaction to being confronted about his sinful state before God.
This interview was filmed in New York and is a classic. You will see why as you watch and listen to P-Nasty. What do you say to the “You do you, and I’ll do me”
Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a young woman, but does she understand?
See how the  Ten Commandments convict a young man at Seal Beach, CA
Open Air Campaigners evangelist preaches the gospel on the University of West Virginia campus.
Open Air Campaigners Sketchboard Evangelism Training with Norcal Seed Sowers in Santa Cruz, CA.




Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are not actively sharing the gospel you are missing one of the greatest blessings this side of heaven!  Witnessing will profoundly change your Christian walk.  It will help you fall in love with the Savior who died for you and is interceeding for you right now. It will take you out of your comfort zone and cause your faith to be tested and grow.  Your lukewarm Christianity will become red hot. Don’t go another day without doing something to equip yourself to reach out to those who are lost and perishing.  Read a book, watch a training video, take a class, but do SOMETHING while you still have time… 

“And because by God’s law death comes to men once, and after that they are judged” – Hebrews 9:27