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By Nancy Murphy – In April my 81 year old father, Robert Bowbeer, was rushed to the hospital.  Twice he was near death but miraculously pulled through each time.  John and I had been leading a Way of the Master evangelism training class in Los Banos.  On Friday, June 8, we visited my Dad at the hospital in Walnut Creek and then drove 2 hours to our class in Los Banos. We got stuck in rush hour traffic and were 30 minutes late to the class. When we finally got there I explained why we were late and shared about my Dad’s situation and my concern for his soul. Afterwards one of the men came up to me and offered to go visit Dad and share Christ with him.  We had recently learned about sharing the gospel with family members and it was recommended to have a friend talk to your relatives for you, because they will listen to a stranger more than they will listen to family. Well, this man, John Baldini, went to see my Dad that Monday. He went in and introduced himself as a friend of ours and asked if he could talk about the Lord. John told me that my Dad listened very carefully to every word he said. John explained to him that none of us are good enough to get to heaven on our own because God is holy and demands perfection and we have all gone our own way and sinned against Him a multitude of times. The penalty for sin is eternal death in hell. But God is also rich in mercy and love and not willing that any should perish.   That is why He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live the perfect, sinless life that we haven’t lived and then to die on the cross to take the punishment we deserve. We have all broken God’s Law and Jesus paid the fine for us when He died. 3 days later He rose from the dead and now, if we will repent and trust in Him we can be forgiven of all our sins and have eternal life. Then John asked if my Dad would like to put his faith in Jesus as his Lord and Savior and he said yes!  They prayed together and my father was born again. I went to visit him 2 days later and I could tell by a few things he said that... read more

Sharing the Gospel at Oakridge Mall

One of my favorite places to share the gospel is at the mall.  This is a bit odd, since I’m director of security for a large mall myself, and in the street evangelist community that usually means I’m the one all the other evangelists try to avoid.  However, here in California, the law requires that shopping centers allow opportunities for people to exercise their free speech rights (contact me if you want more details on this), and the Norcal Seedsowers takes advantage of this by setting up tract tables at two local malls every month.  You get a table in a high traffic area of the mall, and you can tract and talk to people as much as you want.  There’s nothing better! This last Saturday night I had the 7PM to 9PM shift at one of our tables, and had the privilege of talking to a young man named Jack.  Jack, as is true with most young people (he is 16), was full of bravado in front of his friends.  I asked him what he thought happened when he died, and he told me “I’m going to live forever!”  I asked him how he thought he would manage that.  He said, “Clean living.”  His friends got a laugh at that, but it didn’t take them long to wander off when we started talking, and without their influence, Jack turned out to be a very thoughtful, intelligent young man who asked good questions and I believe was really thinking deeply about the things we were discussing.  We had a great conversation, and he took a New Testament and my business card at the end.  He didn’t trust Christ then, but I think he left with a very different perspective on the reliability of God and His word.  I hope I will hear from him. This was a good reminder to me that very often it’s the conversations that seem to start out badly that end up the best.  There have been many times when I’ve been tempted to walk away from a conversation, or avoid one to begin with, because “that person wouldn’t be interested” or “they are too arrogant or self-absorbed to listen to me,” when in reality it’s me who’s being too arrogant and self-absorbed to follow God’s leading and do what He says, regardless of what I think about it.  I’m sure Joshua had questions about walking around Jericho too.  But he obeyed, and the walls... read more

5 Years

It has now been 5 years since John and I first got involved with Way of the Master. God has done a huge transforming work in our lives since we began actively sharing our faith.  Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would talk to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, New Agers and everyone in-between and reason with them about the reality of sin, judgment and the cross of Christ. God has shown me the importance of being in His word daily, praying without ceasing and studying to equip myself to be able to share the gospel with people so they can be saved. As Christians we’re the only people on the planet who have the answer to death. His Name is Jesus, and through repentance and faith in Him anyone can find forgiveness of sin and eternal life. “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.” Philemon 1:6... read more

3 Years

For almost 3 years God has let me tag along with Him as He does His awesome works.  God has given me the merciful privilege to put the seed in the ground, and He gives my brothers and sisters the privilege of watering and harvesting it.  After planting the seed in the heart of a man named Alex at Oakridge Mall on a recent Saturday night, God let me see the tiny green shoot pop up from the ground the next day when Alex and his 3 sons showed up at our  church. A week later God asked my husband and I to pour some water on that shoot when Alex invited us to his home where we talked to him and his estranged wife.  They have  asked us back this week also.  What a thrill to be used by God as He does His supernatural gardening. editors note: This makes me smile because as Deana will tell you, originally she wasn’t interested in evangelism. She only agreed to go through the training classes with her husband to make him happy.  🙂... read more

Heed the Call

My mind lately has been filled with thoughts of doom and gloom for this world. I don’t read the news often because I get so sad and down deeply. It is important to keep up with what is going on in society but it’s all so…negative. It’s even harder for me because I am a Christian and what is usually hailed as a step forward to the world, is a step backwards in my view. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Many won’t understand what I am saying but I hope the ones who have an authentic, biblical worldview will. I read Psalm 94 today. It is a prayer to God about how the wicked and evil people seem to flourish in this world. The greedy people get what they want, people murder and get away with it, and dreams are trampled under. I am sure non-believers know there is something broken and wrong about this earth. The only difference is the solution. Their solution is not to come to God but to draw closer to man. Why would we want to do that if the sole cause of the problem came through man? I get tempted to withdraw and watch the world tear itself apart, heading to hell.  But Jesus commanded His followers to preach the gospel. Preach the gospel to the unrepentant, those unwilling to change, those who worship themselves. Even though in the end, God will have His way and execute vengeance on those who did not obey the gospel, the time we have now is precious. Each new day we’re given to breathe and live is only from God’s mercy. I shouldn’t waste that in my life. While this world is running its course to hell, I hope to do what God called me to do and preach the gospel. Even if one person repented and committed themselves to Christ, it is better than a thousand who believe they are good without God while falling into the abyss. I’m sure I sound like it’s either God or the devil. Turn or burn. Well, it’s true. Even Jesus said it. “From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ “ Matthew 4:17 Stand firm, my brothers and sisters in Christ. The war has been won but there are still many battles that need to be fought for the lost souls. “This is evidence of the righteous judgment of God,... read more

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