Halloween Outreach 2010

There we were surrounded by super-heroes, witches, vampires, and goblins at 10:40 pm on the corner of south 2nd Street and San Fernando in downtown San Jose. It was Halloween eve in the club district. Most folks were out for a good time, some were out for trouble … we were out to share the Good News of the Gospel. All around us there were fights and sirens, loud laughing and drunkenness. Yet, on our little corner there was a peace and a presence of the Holy Spirit. Most people walked on by, many stopped to listen to the preaching, several engaged in discussion with the 8 or 9 evangelists on-hand for the evening.

When I approached Vanessa I was surprised by her request. “Will you pray for me.” she said. “My mom is a prostitute and she’s in jail. She recently told me she never wanted me as her daughter, that I was a mistake. My step-grandfather, who raised me died last week.” She started to cry, so did I. Vanessa was on the streets, crushed and broken, looking for a ‘good-time’ on Halloween. But there we were on the corner of 2nd and San Fernando, amid the revelry, discussing the things of eternity. What a blessed opportunity to share the love of Jesus with this 20 year old girl, who’s past was in the process of destroying her future. We spoke at length about sin and the grace of God, about forgiveness and spiritual healing. We talked about repentance and the new life offered through faith in Christ. We prayed and both agreed that this was no ‘chance’ encounter.

Please pray for Vanessa.

Here’s a video that Jared Duba of Depraved Wretch filmed of Daniel Beaudoin open air preaching that evening.