Jody McRoberts’ experience at Christmas in the Park

Last Friday, I joined a group to hand out tracts at Christmas in the Park.

I handed out LOTS of tracts!  We stood near the crosswalk into the park, so there were a lot of people going either direction.  There were a lot of families and a lot of young people—there was just a great mix of people in general.

Near where we were standing, there was a homeless man on a bike that had a trailer attached.  He had two parrots, and he would offer to let people put the parrot on their shoulder.  He told people, “We lost our home,” and he was looking for donations from people that took pictures with his parrots.  I walked over and told him I didn’t have any money, but I did have a Santa million dollar tract.  I gave it to him and took him through the good person test.  (He let one of his parrots sit on my shoulder.)  Other people came up, so I was polite and stopped talking so he could talk to others.  I didn’t get an opportunity to finish sharing the entire gospel with him because he left, but I did pray for him.  (I didn’t think to ask his name!  I will remember next time.)  After handing out tracts for about an hour and a half, we left.

I woke up the next morning feeling very glad that I had gone to hand out tracts.  Even though I only talked to one person (and didn’t even share the whole gospel with him), I handed out LOTS of tracts!  I know that some people will read the tracts and think about eternity.  Some may even repent and surrender their lives to Christ!