First Time Witnessing at the Mall

By:  Mina M. –
I started mall fishing in February with Eastridge being my first mall experience. Since then, I have been able to work all the malls (and I have soooo many stories) and I liken it to swimming in the ocean on a hot day in Santa Cruz California. My first steps into the water are not comfortable. My feet are shocked from the cold waves. But as I get used to it, I can go deeper and deeper in the water. Before, I know it, I’m swimming the waves and riding the waves and diving into the waves. I’m not feeling the cold at all. My apprehension has disappeared and I am fully enjoying God’s creation.

And so my fishing experience at Eastridge began as the unknown, cold waters of the million dollar bill with the million dollar question. I was thankful for my training yet prayerful that God would show up and minister. This very tall guy was flying by as I gave him a track and since he was friendly enough, I said “Come back if you have time and we can talk.”  Well about half an hour later, he was standing right in front of me. “Hey you came back.” I said very light heartedly. “Let me ask you the million dollar question. What do you think happens after a person dies?”; and we were off talking for at least 15 minutes. He said a relative of his was very religious and so I guessed God had been working on him. He had a 1 year old son with him and his birth saved him from himself. As we went thru the Good Person test. He admitted in the end he was guilty but that God would send him to heaven cause God was good. I then explained the Just Judge concept that God can’t let criminals go and be good. He got it! Then I shared the good news of Jesus. His face changed in an amazing way from the beginning of the conversation to the end. I felt the Holy Spirit. I held out my hand and said salvation is a free gift and receiving Jesus is just the beginning of his journey. I prophesied over him but I can’t remember what I said. I’d love to share everything we talked about; subjects from a higher power to the exorcist…but I can’t recall it all. I gave him a Bible and am praying for him. His name is Christian…..for real….go figure? After he left, I got down on my knees (my son said, mom, what’s wrong?) trying hard to hold back tears. God was all over this guy. His presence was too much for me. Pray for him as you read this. I have since learned that I can give out a list of churches in the area. I have also made my own cards, for those that do not want to go to church but still have more questions. I want to be available and ready for whatever God has. Let’s continue to follow Him into the harvest.