Judy Liegmann’s recent experience at the mall

Our Saturday evening mall tract table was abuzz with activity and animated conversations.  I noticed a young man with long, wavy hair standing by a large potted tree in the middle of the mall passageway, observing our interaction with a sort of shy curiosity.  After a few minutes, I approached him and began a conversation.  His English was heavily accented and halting.  I learned that he had come from his native Bosnia only ten days earlier to begin work as an engineer at one of Silicon Valley’s many large electronics firms.  Aldo was his name.  He  asked what we were doing at our table, and I explained that we were talking to people about God.  He informed me that he did not believe in any god.  I asked him where he found hope for his own life.  He immediately explained that “globalism” was the hope of the world for the future.  When I noted that it would be the same flawed humans that would manage the “global” system, he agreed that it wouldn’t afford much of an improvement.

I explained to Aldo that God would some day bring a Kingdom of universal and everlasting peace, and that He would judge who would be allowed to live there.  I asked Aldo if he would like to find out God’s criteria for judging?  He said. “Yes, I would.”  Aldo’s wife, Mina, arrived, just in time to participate in the “good person test.”  The transformation of these two young people during the ensuing conversation was astounding.  The Spirit of the Lord came into their hungry hearts with great conviction, as they learned that the punishment for their sin had been paid by the same just and holy God to whom they owed that debt.  They both agreed that the Gospel of Jesus Christ made complete sense.  They allowed me to pray for them as newly born-again believers and they gladly accepted a Gospel of John and various other resources to read and study.

The fields are truly white and ripe for harvest, and the Lord knows how to bring each of his sheaves in!  Glory be to His Name!