Pounding Them With The Gospel???

By Dena Galang – A young woman came to my door for me to sign her petition for a cause I am totally against.  I started telling her how wrong her cause was, but while I was attempting to show her the error of her way, I heard that still quiet voice speak to my heart, “Is this the most important thing you could be telling her right now?”  I knew what the Lord was getting at, but I kept thinking, “Just a couple more points – besides I don’t have time to share the Gospel because I’ll be late for Bible study.”  Yes, I really did tell God I didn’t have time to share His Word because I would be late to study it.   However, in my defense, I did reject the asinine decision as soon as I thought it.  I transitioned into the Gospel.  She told me her name was Rosa, and we talked for a hour and a half.  She was crying on and off throughout our conversation.  She still wanted to talk, but I had a class to teach.  She gave me a big hug, and I gave her a Gospel tract and DVD (I keep evangelistic tools in a basket by my front door to take as I leave and when solicitors come to the door).  She yelled out to my boys, “You have a wonderful mom!”  I am not adding that last part to praise myself; here is my point: I have heard that telling strangers the Gospel is “pounding them with the Gospel,” “harsh,” “in your face,” and “confrontational”.  This tattooed woman was not only a stranger, but we stood in opposition to each other politically.  The Gospel broke down walls between us; it is the “power unto salvation.”

Epilogue: My 17 year old takes the city bus to school.  He told me after school, “Hey mom, you know that woman you were sharing the Gospel with this morning – Rosa – well, she was on the bus with me and she talked to me the whole way down to school.  I wanted to talk about her petition (my son is very political) but all she wanted to talk about was Christianity.  She really likes you.  She said you were really brave to share your beliefs with her.  I told her, ‘Yea, if she had the cure for cancer and you had cancer, it would be horrible if she didn’t share the cure with you.’  She agreed and said she was going to watch the DVD with her boyfriend.”

Once again, my point is not to compliment myself, but to encourage you to share the Gospel with family, friends, and STRANGERS.  Rosa’s tears, hug, and  kind words convince me that she didn’t feel “pounded on” but loved.