Sharing the Gospel at Oakridge Mall

One of my favorite places to share the gospel is at the mall.  This is a bit odd, since I’m director of security for a large mall myself, and in the street evangelist community that usually means I’m the one all the other evangelists try to avoid.  However, here in California, the law requires that shopping centers allow opportunities for people to exercise their free speech rights (contact me if you want more details on this), and the Norcal Seedsowers takes advantage of this by setting up tract tables at two local malls every month.  You get a table in a high traffic area of the mall, and you can tract and talk to people as much as you want.  There’s nothing better!

This last Saturday night I had the 7PM to 9PM shift at one of our tables, and had the privilege of talking to a young man named Jack.  Jack, as is true with most young people (he is 16), was full of bravado in front of his friends.  I asked him what he thought happened when he died, and he told me “I’m going to live forever!”  I asked him how he thought he would manage that.  He said, “Clean living.”  His friends got a laugh at that, but it didn’t take them long to wander off when we started talking, and without their influence, Jack turned out to be a very thoughtful, intelligent young man who asked good questions and I believe was really thinking deeply about the things we were discussing.  We had a great conversation, and he took a New Testament and my business card at the end.  He didn’t trust Christ then, but I think he left with a very different perspective on the reliability of God and His word.  I hope I will hear from him.

This was a good reminder to me that very often it’s the conversations that seem to start out badly that end up the best.  There have been many times when I’ve been tempted to walk away from a conversation, or avoid one to begin with, because “that person wouldn’t be interested” or “they are too arrogant or self-absorbed to listen to me,” when in reality it’s me who’s being too arrogant and self-absorbed to follow God’s leading and do what He says, regardless of what I think about it.  I’m sure Joshua had questions about walking around Jericho too.  But he obeyed, and the walls fell.  How many more walls would fall if we had the same attitude?  God is faithful, so step out in faith, and who knows, you may have the privilege of seeing something incredible happen!