Judy Liegmann’s recent experience at the mall

Our Saturday evening mall tract table was abuzz with activity and animated conversations.  I noticed a young man with long, wavy hair standing by a large potted tree in the middle of the mall passageway, observing our interaction with a sort of shy curiosity.  After a few minutes, I approached him and began a conversation.  His English was heavily accented and halting.  I learned that he had come from his native Bosnia only ten days earlier to begin work as an engineer at one of Silicon Valley’s many large electronics firms.  Aldo was his name.  He  asked what we were doing at our table, and I explained that we were talking to people about God.  He informed me that he did not believe in any god.  I asked him where he found hope for his own life.  He immediately explained that “globalism” was the hope of the world for the future.  When I noted that it would be the same flawed humans that would manage the “global” system, he agreed that it wouldn’t afford much of an improvement. I explained to Aldo that God would some day bring a Kingdom of universal and everlasting peace, and that He would judge who would be allowed to live there.  I asked Aldo if he would like to find out God’s criteria for judging?  He said. “Yes, I would.”  Aldo’s wife, Mina, arrived, just in time to participate in the “good person test.”  The transformation of these two young people during the ensuing conversation was astounding.  The Spirit of the Lord came into their hungry hearts with great conviction, as they learned that the punishment for their sin had been paid by the same just and holy God to whom they owed that debt.  They both agreed that the Gospel of Jesus Christ made complete sense.  They allowed me to pray for them as newly born-again believers and they gladly accepted a Gospel of John and various other resources to read and study. The fields are truly white and ripe for harvest, and the Lord knows how to bring each of his sheaves in!  Glory be to His Name!  ... read more

Jody McRoberts’ experience at Christmas in the Park

Last Friday, I joined a group to hand out tracts at Christmas in the Park. I handed out LOTS of tracts!  We stood near the crosswalk into the park, so there were a lot of people going either direction.  There were a lot of families and a lot of young people—there was just a great mix of people in general. Near where we were standing, there was a homeless man on a bike that had a trailer attached.  He had two parrots, and he would offer to let people put the parrot on their shoulder.  He told people, “We lost our home,” and he was looking for donations from people that took pictures with his parrots.  I walked over and told him I didn’t have any money, but I did have a Santa million dollar tract.  I gave it to him and took him through the good person test.  (He let one of his parrots sit on my shoulder.)  Other people came up, so I was polite and stopped talking so he could talk to others.  I didn’t get an opportunity to finish sharing the entire gospel with him because he left, but I did pray for him.  (I didn’t think to ask his name!  I will remember next time.)  After handing out tracts for about an hour and a half, we left. I woke up the next morning feeling very glad that I had gone to hand out tracts.  Even though I only talked to one person (and didn’t even share the whole gospel with him), I handed out LOTS of tracts!  I know that some people will read the tracts and think about eternity.  Some may even repent and surrender their lives to... read more

Don Butler’s experience at Christmas in the Park

You just never know what the Holy Spirit is going to do when you take that leap of faith and pass out Gospel tracts to the lost. Here I was with my 16 year old daughter and her newly born-again Christian friend at Christmas in the Park.  A few weeks ago I shared God’s Law and Grace with my daughter’s friend and now here she was passing out tracts for the very first time with a heart of companion for the lost. WOW! What a joy to see these young teens stepping out in faith because they know the Lord and they wouldn’t have it any other way. During the evening I had a great conversation with a young couple just talking about Christmas in the Park and what the true meaning of Christmas is really all about. The power of the Holy Spirit took over and away we went talking about spiritual matters.  I brought up God’s Law that opens the heart to show sinfulness in the light. They admitted that they would be guilty before a Holy God and their demeanor changed to a sad look of hopelessness. I asked if they thought they’d go to heaven or hell and they both said hell. After explaining what hell was like and asking them if they knew what God did for them so they wouldn’t have to go to hell they shook their heads “No.”  This was the moment to pour God’s grace out to them and explain why Jesus died and rose again, to pay the penalty for their sin so that if they would repent and turn to Christ they would be forgiven and receive eternal life.  I wrapped up and asked “When do you think you might pray to God to receive His Son Jesus?”   They didn’t waste any time and both said NOW! They prayed and received Jesus in their hearts and I welcomed them into the family of God.  (Don... read more

Halloween Outreach 2011

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180 Movie Giveaway – San Jose State University

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Fourth of July Outreach

Saturday night, July 3rd a group of us attended the Downtown Morgan Hill Street Dance. There were crowds of people and we handed out hundreds of gospel tracts and talked to many folks. Dan brought his ‘Are You Ready’ cross which immediately drew curious teenagers asking, “Ready for what?” This led to lots of discussion about eternity and what Jesus did so we could go to heaven. Dan also read from the bible and preached in the open air. One man stayed and listened the entire time and wanted to talk afterwards. It was clear that God was working in his heart. The following day we gathered at the same place for the annual 4th of July Parade. It was so easy to hand out tracts to people along the parade route. We ran out of them just as the parade was ending. Another fruitful 4th of July! We pray that those who received tracts and heard the gospel will turn from their sin and trust in Jesus Christ. “There is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven given among men, by which we must be saved.” Acts... read more

Sharing the Gospel at Oakridge Mall

One of my favorite places to share the gospel is at the mall.  This is a bit odd, since I’m director of security for a large mall myself, and in the street evangelist community that usually means I’m the one all the other evangelists try to avoid.  However, here in California, the law requires that shopping centers allow opportunities for people to exercise their free speech rights (contact me if you want more details on this), and the Norcal Seedsowers takes advantage of this by setting up tract tables at two local malls every month.  You get a table in a high traffic area of the mall, and you can tract and talk to people as much as you want.  There’s nothing better! This last Saturday night I had the 7PM to 9PM shift at one of our tables, and had the privilege of talking to a young man named Jack.  Jack, as is true with most young people (he is 16), was full of bravado in front of his friends.  I asked him what he thought happened when he died, and he told me “I’m going to live forever!”  I asked him how he thought he would manage that.  He said, “Clean living.”  His friends got a laugh at that, but it didn’t take them long to wander off when we started talking, and without their influence, Jack turned out to be a very thoughtful, intelligent young man who asked good questions and I believe was really thinking deeply about the things we were discussing.  We had a great conversation, and he took a New Testament and my business card at the end.  He didn’t trust Christ then, but I think he left with a very different perspective on the reliability of God and His word.  I hope I will hear from him. This was a good reminder to me that very often it’s the conversations that seem to start out badly that end up the best.  There have been many times when I’ve been tempted to walk away from a conversation, or avoid one to begin with, because “that person wouldn’t be interested” or “they are too arrogant or self-absorbed to listen to me,” when in reality it’s me who’s being too arrogant and self-absorbed to follow God’s leading and do what He says, regardless of what I think about it.  I’m sure Joshua had questions about walking around Jericho too.  But he obeyed, and the walls... read more

5 Years

It has now been 5 years since John and I first got involved with Way of the Master. God has done a huge transforming work in our lives since we began actively sharing our faith.  Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would talk to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, New Agers and everyone in-between and reason with them about the reality of sin, judgment and the cross of Christ. God has shown me the importance of being in His word daily, praying without ceasing and studying to equip myself to be able to share the gospel with people so they can be saved. As Christians we’re the only people on the planet who have the answer to death. His Name is Jesus, and through repentance and faith in Him anyone can find forgiveness of sin and eternal life. “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.” Philemon 1:6... read more

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