Genius Test

(By Paige Burgess)

At the tract table, I had the pleasure of talking with a young man and woman who were intrigued by NorCal Seedsowers “Are You A Genius?” poster.

After failing the genius test miserably, as many people do, they agreed to take the “Good Person Test.” They were quickly made aware that they had broken God’s laws as given in the 10 commandments. When asked if this concerned them, they opened up about the current state of their faith.

The young man was raised Catholic, but decided that God couldn’t exist given the difficulties that arose in his life. I shared with him the Biblical account of Job, who did not forsake God, even when all was taken from him. God is our ally in times of trouble, not our enemy. It is Satan’s ploy to bring us to a point of despair where we will deny God. He listened attentively and seemed to be moved to a new place of thinking.

The woman, Pam, on the other hand, was raised as a Christian, but in middle school had a friend who made a point of challenging her faith. Unequipped to deal with the questions presented, she gave up, wracked with doubts. Now, in her 20s, she is clearly open to Christianity and seemed to want her doubts and questions to be erased. Because I faced similar doubts as a young woman, she gave me her email address so that I could send her some things I had written related to apologetics. I have followed up with her and invited her to coffee. Now it is in God’s hands. Please pray for Pam.

I praise God for the opportunity He gave me to talk to two young people who are unsure of truth, but soft towards it.