A light shining in the mall

prayerAwesome! Around 2:30 the Lord brought a young Asian man named Jeffrey…probably in his early 20’s and very bright as he said he had a high IQ. What was interesting was we skipped the genius questions and went right into the good person test as Jeffery confidently said he was a good person. As the law convicted him as he said yes to breaking every one of the commandments, he wanted deeper conversation with me, a real hunger for the truth and what JESUS did for him. Then he dropped the Jehovah Witness bomb on me and said he was raised on this religion and their were some similarities…I immediately opened the Bible and showed Jeffery the truth. He said thank you for clarifying this with me, and that I was the second person to do this with him. He also said can I ask you some more questions…I said yes. When we were ending our conversation I asked Jeffery if he would like me to pray for him and he said yes please would you do that.

I asked him to step aside from the Einstein and we went into prayer…

It was a very spiritual prayer specifically for Jeffrey. When we were done he gave me the biggest hug and said thank you.❤️ Giving our God all the glory and honor.

Pray for the Lord’s mighty hand in Jeffery’s life, and His guidance to a church, a prayer life, fellowship with other believers, a men’s bible study group and guidance to serving the kingdom and protection the full armor of God over Jeffrey.