Did you get one of these?

By Monica Lines –

Hoards of teenagers scurry past me; most of them are looking down. They’re able walk using their peripheral vision as they scan their phones. A mom with three kids in a stroller slowly trek by, all her children look up at me with curiosity. Then here comes my moment. I reach out my hand just an inch or two past comfort to connect with a posse of kids walking by, asking one simple question: “Did you get one of these?” That’s all it takes to launch into a conversion that bridges an earthly moment with an eternal opportunity…

On my last mall visit I was exceptionally in awe of the way the Holy Spirit moved in me and gave me courage to speak. We had the genius test board set up on the side and when it came my turn to slide over and walk people through it, I was shocked at all of the groups of teens that suddenly appeared in a matter of minutes. It seemed that as soon as I asked the Lord to speak through me and give me boldness, pow! There they came, one group after the next, willing to listen and take the good person test. I was amazed that I would have the chance to share THE greatest joy in my life: to explain the awesome sacrifice and love of my Savior for the world.

I walked to my car full of joy and praise at the work He had done in my heart and prayed for the many people I had encountered. What an unlikely setting for the LORD of glory to move in a person’s heart and reveal His steadfast love and ultimate gift of salvation! I rejoice at God’s goodness to use earthen vessels to carry such beautiful news!