3 Years

For almost 3 years God has let me tag along with Him as He does His awesome works.  God has given me the merciful privilege to put the seed in the ground, and He gives my brothers and sisters the privilege of watering and harvesting it.  After planting the seed in the heart of a man named Alex at Oakridge Mall on a recent Saturday night, God let me see the tiny green shoot pop up from the ground the next day when Alex and his 3 sons showed up at our  church.

A week later God asked my husband and I to pour some water on that shoot when Alex invited us to his home where we talked to him and his estranged wife.  They have  asked us back this week also.  What a thrill to be used by God as He does His supernatural gardening.

editors note: This makes me smile because as Deana will tell you, originally she wasn’t interested in evangelism. She only agreed to go through the training classes with her husband to make him happy.  🙂